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[EP 07] Couple Spotlight with Sophie & Carl from

Jill Stanton Posted May 15, 2014

Today we are gettin' a little craaaaazaaaay and chatting with a couple who are still in their 9-5 jobs. Well, sorta….but I'll let them explain.

We met Sophie and Carl back in 2013 in Chiang Mai when they got in touch with us after hearing about us from Mish and Rob's site, and were BLOWN AWAY
by their dedication, hustle, and determination to make this lifestyle work for them.

At the time they were each balancing demanding jobs and then coming  home and working on their business at night and on weekends.

I mean, I just freakin' love that level of dedication and belief!

Which is why we knew we HAD to get them on the show, because we think it's important (and helpful!) to hear from a couple that isn't quite free of their 9-5's (yet!), but are actively taking the steps to make that happen.

Because let's face it: Just because you might want to screw your 9-5 job doesn't mean you can always just get up and quit. Instead, you need an escape plan to help you get to the point where you have replaced your income and can phase yourself out of your day job.

Which is exactly what we're going to be talking about in this episode!

Trust me, it's a must-listen for anyone still in their job, but dreaming of quitting.

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Words of Wisdom in This Week's Podcast:

  • Introducing Sophie & Carl – mad hustlers who are balancing building a  business while working their day job still
  • From roommates to a couple, and now business partners, here's how they got into the entrepreneurial lifestyle
  • The two different monetization models they use
  • How long it took them to make their first dollar and all the challenges that led up to that monumental moment
  • Finding a balance between completing the important tasks and playing to their interests
  • The difficulties they've had turning off work and focusing on their relationship
  • One piece of advice they would offer couples looking to start their own business
  • Small failures they've endured together and what they've learned from them to  fuel positive change



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