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SurveySparrow Review For 2020: Features, Pricing & Competitors

SurveySparrow Review

You can learn so much valuable information from your customers. This information can help you create new products, improve existing ones, understand how people perceive your brand and so much more. 

The insight you can get from existing customers you cannot get from anyone else, but quite often we forget to ask them! Or maybe we're too scared to ask! 

There are many ways to get feedback from your audience. You can delve into analytics, follower numbers, open rates, click-through rates, use polls, check the number of comments and so much more. 

However, getting direct feedback, in your customers own words can be crucial to progression in your business.

One way to rise above the masses is to survey your audience, make their views feel valued and act on their feedback. 

There are many online survey platforms and today we’re going to dig into a SurveySparrow review. We’re going to look at features, pros, cons, pricing, competitors and by the end of this SurveySparrow review you’ll know if it could work for you.

Value for Money


Free version, free trial, Competitive packages starting at $19 per month. Cheaper than many competitors.



Phone, email, live chat & an online help desk. 24/7 (live rep). In person training, live online webinars, help documentation

Ease of Use


Very easy to set up a survey, send it via email, create different links for the survey, post it within the dashboard to your desired social media channel or embed it on your website.



A very effective way to gain valuable feedback from your audience. 

We Like

We Don't Like

What Is SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow lets you turn surveys into conversations. With a conversational interface, SurveySparrow gives you the power to create and share highly engaging, mobile optimized surveys. That offer a chat-like experience to your audience.

SurveySparrow ‘Recurring Surveys' feature lets you send surveys at regular intervals to gauge customer or employee feeling.

With easy sharing options, SurveySparrow allows you to share your surveys across web, mobile, social, and e-mail to easily collect feedback from your targeted audience.

SurveySparrow is an end to end Conversational Experience Management Platform that could help you see a 40% better response rate. 

SurveySparrow Review: Features

The main features include:

  • Super easy-to-use platform
  • Wide range of question templates
  • Chat-like conversational surveys which are highly engaging
  • Classic surveys asking one question at a time
  • NPS surveys measuring customer feeling with a single question
  • Optional open-ended follow-up question for NPS surveys to close the feedback loop
  • Highly advanced report filters which generate useful reports
  • Efficient user management to optimize workflow
  • Custom CSS to add your own personal touch to every survey
  • Survey automation with recurring mode to gauge customer/employee feeling at regular intervals
  • Easy sharing across multiple channels to get maximum responses
  • Efficient integrations 
  • Offline surveys that let you collect feedback from remote places, internet-free 
  • White labelling to customize every element of your survey

SurveySparrow Features: The Breakdown

Create irresistible conversational surveys

Design surveys with precision.

  • Vibrant color palette to customize the questions, answers, buttons
  • Over 20 diverse font families 
  • Attractive background images
  • CSS customization 

Surveys that are beautiful AND smart

Create smart surveys that ask relevant questions based on past responses.

  • Skip logic to bypass questions when certain logic is met
  • Display logic that shows questions based on certain conditions
  • Multiple logic blocks to quickly program clever surveys


Create personalized surveys instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ using Piping and Custom Parameters.

  • Make surveys personal by ‘Piping’ previous answers in subsequent questions
  • Use custom parameters to include relevant info with custom variables

Customize ‘Thank you’ page for each respondent

Display a customized results page for each respondent after evaluating results using Expressions.

  • Expressions help you do calculations and compute the result
  • Multiple thank you pages to show customized results

Collect more data with diverse question types

Get important data without making your surveys too long. 

  • Opinion scale, Star Rating
  • Text input, Date type
  • File Upload, Contact Form
  • Matrix Type
  • Rank order, Drag & Drop… and much more!

Automate tasks, channelize workflows

Automate all repetitive tasks with recurring feature and schedule reminder emails

  • Recurring surveys to automatically schedule & share periodic surveys
  • Configure time, date, day, and frequency
  • Reminder emails to gently urge the respondents to complete the survey
  • Separate reminder emails for partial responders and non-responders

Share surveys for extra reach

Share seamlessly via a wide range of channels. 

  • Reach your audience via email
  • Embed feedback widgets in your website/product
  • Send Text Surveys to your audience
  • Grab feedback from your social channels
  • Enable Recurring surveys for continuous feedback

Integrate with your systems

Your process will flow when all your tools integrate with each other. 

  • Integrate using Webhooks
  • Talk to SurveySparrow with API
  • Integrate surveys with your CRM, Helpdesk, HRMs, and more using Zapier

In-depth analysis for the best insights

Monitor your survey responses, and slice and dice the data to make quick decisions.

  • Choose among the menu of charts
  • Advanced filters to narrow down important results from reports
  • Compare results with Cross Tabulation
  • Schedule reports to get insights in your inbox
  • Export your data to slice and dice

Show your brand persona in your surveys

Customize every part for a seamless experience.

  • Custom domain to get an exclusive domain for your surveys
  • Custom email to share personalized emails with respondents

Segmentation for clear management

Built-in audience management and custom lists are all you need to manage info easily.

  • Bulk import your users with CSV Import
  • Group your audience with lists and share specific surveys

Use one feedback tool across your entire business

Manage visibility with folders and as many sub-accounts as you want. 

  • Sub-accounts for each region/department
  • Manage visibility with folder

SurveySparrow vs Competitors

SurveySparrow vs Survey Monkey

SurveySparrow’s base price is $19 compared to Survey Monkey’s $31. The premium plans are $99 and $49 respectively. Survey Monkey has more features, while Surveysparrow has better support.

SurveySparrow vs Survey Gizmo

Survey Gizmo prices start at $25, so just $6 more than Surveysparrow. Survey Gizmo has more features, but has a general lower customer satisfaction than SurveySparrow. SurveySparrow relies on Zapier for integrations, while Survey Gizmo has direct integrations.

SurveySparrow Review: Pricing

  • Free: 100 responses per month, 10 questions per survey, embedded survey, advanced reports, filters, 1500+ app integrations with Zapier

  • Basic: $19 a month paid annually ($29 a month paid quarterly). Unlimited questions, 1000 responses, display logic, scoring, share via email, social, web URL, widget, QR code.

  • Premium: $49 a month paid annually ($69 a month paid quarterly). Everything in Basic +, 10,000 responses, display & skip logic, Recurring Surveys, reminder emails, accept payments, schedule reports.

  • Enterprise: $149 a month paid annually ($199 a month paid quarterly). Everything in Premium +, white-labeling, Salesforce Integration, Hubspot Integration, 100K emails, 2 offline devices, 2 users included.

14 day free trial, no credit card needed.

SurveySparrow Customer Testimonials

“SurveySparrow is quite easy to use, it creates beautiful surveys and keeps every feedback in order for easy access “

“I was considering Typeform but love the conversational style of SurveySparrow. This is a beautifully designed and intuitive app that's sure to delight your audience. I'm very pleased with it. “

“It is nice to experience a survey that feels so much more like a conversation than just answering questions. The interface is clear and easy to navigate and the analytics are top-notch.”

“It was fun & exciting! Definitely, the better way to survey.” Ari Hoffman, Director of Customer Advocacy, Coveo

“It’s very conversational, and I love the little videos & GIFs that make the survey more fun.”  Shep Hyken, Founder & Chief Amazement Officer, Shepard Presentations, LLC

“The UI made it feel like I was talking to a friend. It wasn’t invasive but felt welcoming”. Shannon J. Gregg,  President, Cloud Adoption Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions About SurveySparrow

Is SurveySparrow any good?

Online survey tool SurveySparrow is a great tool for online surveys. It's reliable, effective and affordable.

Can I trust SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow have a commitment to data security and data compliance.

Do you get paid for SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow does not pay respondents for taking surveys. 

How much does it cost to use SurveySparrow?

SurveySparrow have a free 14 day trial, a free account and paid accounts from $19 to $149 per month (paid annually). The fees are higher if you pay quarterly.

Is SurveySparrow Worth It?

The conversational interface lets you gather feedback in a non-intrusive way. The surveys created via SurveySparrow are engaging and guarantee higher completion rates. 

SurveySparrow allows you to fully customize the entire survey so it blends seamlessly with your brand. It's packed with great, innovative features and is fast becoming a big name in the market. 

SurveySparrow offer a range of affordable packages and they even offer a free tier. If you want to get feedback from your audience, customers or from your employees, SurveySparrow is a solid choice. We hope this SurveySparrow review has helped you find a fantastic new tool to help grow your business.

Why not try the 14 day free trial!

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