Meet Team Screw

We've assembled a crack team of badasses to help you leave your 9 to 5 and create a business you love (and which makes a hella load of cash!). All our team members are coaches in our programs, so you can tap into their expertise. 

Christina Ricks - Integrator

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Christina joined Team Screw in May 2019 after realizing her career in Chemical Engineering and Biomanufacturing was no longer aligned with the life she wanted to pursue. She’s an organization freak, loves building out processes that make the team’s jobs easier, and has a passion for helping as many people as possible screw their 9-5 so they can live the life of their dreams.

She’s a soon-to-be mama from the good ol’ south who loves to spend time with her family and friends, craft like a grandma, and explore nature — whether it’s hiking or kayaking! She loves a good rodeo and grew up participating in western gaming shows (you know…barrel racing, pole bending,… actually you probably don’t know but that’s ok *wink*) and turns into a giddy 5 year old when she sees a dolphin (Favorite animal? Maybe…but she loves them all!). I think we can all assume she’s not a girly-girl and isn’t scared of a little dirt, but she does enjoy a good spa day once in a while. 

Although she hasn't been in the wonderful world of online business for long, she’s enjoyed every second of it and is thrilled to continue learning and helping other entrepreneurs start their own online businesses! Christina loves connecting and building relationships with others and gets so much joy in seeing other people succeed and reach their goals.

Oh and one more thing…she’s a little on the hippy-dippy side. She’s an essential oil enthusiast, prefers to go chemical free, has a passion for healthy eating, and really enjoys a good meal prep + workout day! But she also used to do a bit of cake decorating as a side hustle, so don’t think that she doesn’t enjoy a giant piece of cake or a bowl of ice cream once in a while. 😉

Aby Moore - Marketing Manager

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Former blogger, author, course creator, Psychology graduate Aby joined Team Screw in October 2019. Her greatest passion is helping people achieve what they're capable of, so they can live their best lives.

Her superpower is getting shit done and she's known on Team Screw as Aby ‘The Machine' Moore.

When she’s not getting The Screw's mission out into the cyber-world, she's a wife, mama, an ice cream adorer, an appalling instruction reader and an ex Dressage Rider/Judge (you know that dancing horse thing you saw on the Olympics that time…?) Oh… but she can't work cling-wrap…..

Since she started in the online world and wrote her first blog post in 2013, she’s collaborated with incredible international brands. …Helped to raise thousands of pounds for children’s charities. …Grown a social following of over 60,000. …Launched Products, Courses, Challenges, a Membership AND she’s written a book (which was #1 in 3 categories on launch day  – above ‘Crushing It'!).

She's helped thousands of people create successful businesses AND she's walked the walk herself, running her own business for 7 years. So she’s well positioned to help you get where you want to go.

With a BS-free knack for motivation and the ability to see clear paths to your progression, she's definitely someone you want on your team.

Oh and she's British, so prepare yourselves for some straight-talk!


  • Ice cream is a health food.
  • Women feel balanced and not guilty.
  • It’s not frowned upon to have a flamingo as a pet…
  • The good guys always win.

Luke Benjamin Thomas (LBT) - Head Coach

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Bearded. Inked. And Awesome.

Luke is from the UK and has been back on Team Screw since August 2020. He was our Community Concierge and all round bad ass back when we had our old membership, Screw U, and is now back as our Head Coach for our programs.

He has a strong passion for travelling and adventure. One of his favourite quotes is:  “Not All Who Wander Are Lost” ~ J. R. R. Tolkien And that’s how he tries to live his life. Having spent over 4 years travelling living in 3 different countries and trying a bunch of new things, it’s safe to say he’s definitely wandered!

Whether that’s becoming a scuba diving instructor in Australia diving on the Great Barrier Reef everyday. Or running dive operations for multiple resorts in Fiji and hand-feeding Bull Sharks several times a week, with no cage! Or even living on a snow capped mountain in Canada learning to snowboard… Luke loves an adventure and has plenty of stories to share.

From being a ex-semi-professional Argentine tango Dancer… To writing a drinking games books on a remote island in Fiji… He definitely has some stories.

That however is not his only passion, he loves to help others move the needle in their businesses. Luke bought his first course on starting an online business back in 2005 and started making money from the things he learnt in 2008.

And in recent years he’s helped coach thousands of of others make money from their online businesses too. All the way from launching and running 6-figure memberships to 7-figure product launches…

Luke has keen ability to be able to able to take a big complex idea and really simplify it so you can digest it and implement it in your business!

He has recently been compared to Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes for his coaching style… Being able to calmly and bluntly take the problems you're currently experiencing and show you how to solve them whilst highlighting the relevance of each part.

Plus he’s British so there’s that too.

Laurie Cromie -Customer Experience Manager


Right out of high school, all Laurie wanted to do was be someone who serves with heart. She lives by Seth Godin/Cathy Heller’s idea of “radical empathy” as her main model. 

She went right into massage therapy school, esthetician school, and studied Biology at the University of Utah. 

She spent her 20’s working in day spas in downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, and Malibu, California, and in both spas she was promoted to spa director, while simultaneously working as an Aveda educator, teaching Ayurvedic theory and Aveda’s signature spa body and skin care treatments.

She decided to “screw the nine to five” when she got married and became pregnant with her first baby. 

In 2008, as her baby was about to turn two, she had heard about a show her and her husband’s friends were starting for children 1-5 years old. She noticed her son was an instant fan, and she contacted her friends/creators of the show to see if they would allow her to use their intellectual property to run a fan site to help promote the show. 

The show was nominated for several Emmys (losing out to Sesame Street, but let’s be honest, no one beats Sesame Street!), and won the BAFTA — the UK’s equivalent of the Oscars — for best international children’s television show.

With this wild success of her friends’ show, Laurie’s little fan site grew to 30,000 hits per day, and continued this momentum even two years after Nickelodeon decided to stop renewing, but still ran the show on reruns.

She always had the inside scoop, and even though she didn’t sell ad space, she still made somewhere between $3,000 – $8,000/month on affiliate links ALONE (only 1% – 4% of all sales!) depending on the season.

So even after the content ran out, she knew she was meant for leading online, but her Paleo food blogging niche was far too broad to get any real traction. She decided if her hyper niched fan site could be a huge success, she needed to niche down again until it was almost painful.

Following the advice from another successful blogger, Laurie became a health coach specializing in helping people who had bariatric weight loss surgery but then gained some, or all, of their weight back. 

It was the scariest thing she had ever done, but that’s when everything just took off again! 

Laurie had JUST missed out on the first iteration of the Screw the Nine to Five’s membership, Screw U, but she kept listening to the podcast, and when life seemed to be coming apart at the seams in fall 2019, and needed to temporarily shutter her business, it was Josh and Jill’s Screw the Nine to Five podcast that was always right there for her, with the answer she just happened to need to take her next step! 

And as they started offering paid bootcamps, they were always EXACTLY what she needed to be doing in the moment, and thanks to Josh and Jill, she found the strength to launch her own podcast, speaking to changing your body through your thoughts, and relaunched her business and is now running a successful coaching program. 

She credits Josh and Jill for saving her business, and saving her marriage, because they cover those unique situations one faces when building a brand with their partner or spouse that can easily break you if you’re not coached through them.

She is such a diehard for all things Screw, she just knew she HAD TO work for and with them. 

If you’ve read this far, she has a homework assignment for you. 

STEP 1: Go open your favorite music streaming app. 

STEP 2: Look up Laurie's favorite band, The Shins, and cue up the song “Australia”, a song 100% about being miserable in your corporate job 

STEP 3: Let it be the fuel you need that convinces you in joining us in Screwing the Nine to Five! 

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