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“Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.” Mother Teresa

Most niches are competitive and we're all looking for ways to stand out. To be heard above the noise and make real connections with our audience. 

A personal note or a simple thank you can have a meaningful impact on your audience. It helps them to connect with you emotionally, which is so powerful and has a lasting effect. 

There are many ways you can create engagement with your audience and let them know how much you value them. Connecting with them on social media, email communications, and handwritten notes, among other ideas, can help you show your customers how much you appreciate them.

Above all thanking your customers makes them feel valued. As humans we LOVE to feel like we matter.

It can also have financial benefits. Studies have shown that 38% of customers attribute a good customer experience to personalization. When your customers are happy, they'll come back to your business time and time again and they'll buy more as a result.

Amazingly 86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience, Oracle

So if you want to increase profitability, start getting personal with your audience.

Computer handwritten postcards are a great way to strengthen your client relationships. In this review we’re going to share the pros, cons, features and pricing, so that by the end of this review you’ll know if it's a tool that could help your business.

Review of:

Value for Money


Industry leading pricing. Significantly cheaper than competitors.



They offer a thorough knowledge base and also live chat support.

Ease of Use


Very simple and straightforward to use. Clear navigation in the dashboard.



Can be implemented in a number of ways. Ad-hoc, automated campaigns.

We Like

We Don't Like

What Is makes it easy to send computer handwritten postcards worldwide. These can be used for lead generation, up-selling, re-marketing and building a loyal customer base. Review: Features

  • Upload a CSV
  • Map Search
  • Purchase Lists
  • Sync w/ Zapier
  • Two Postcards Sizes 
  • International delivery
  • Automated campaigns
  • Choice of handwriting styles
  • Retargeting
  • Integrated  design via Canva Features: The Breakdown

Postcard retargeting

Code is added to your site. This allows you to retarget the visitors by sending them a postcard.

Geolocation Prompt

Addresses are gathered from the states you specifically wish to target. 

Push Notifications

As soon as an address is found you'll receive a push notification on your computer with a link to look up more info about that address.

Wireless Network vs Wifi

The system only records mobile addresses if the visitor is on their home Wifi network.

Computer Handwritten

The postcards look handwritten, which generates much higher response rates.

Flexible Campaign Settings

Lots of options on how to send, specific dates, days after added, holidays & more! Build multi-touch sequences with ease.

Find Address Information

Click to find information about the mailing list addresses, name, phone, email etc.

Hybrid font/AI system 

Twelve custom handwritten fonts that are directly modelled from real handwriting. Vs Competitors vs Postable 

Postable lacks integrations and is $3.99 + postage per card. Their turnaround time is similar to at 1-2 days. vs Handwrytten 

Handwrytten offer 20 styles of card and you can add a gift card. They use a pen holding robot, so they are actually handwritten. Rather than laser printed like The price is much higher at $3.25 + postage. Similar turnaround time of 1  day. vs Bond  

Bond offer 15 styles of card, with prices from $5. Their turnaround time is also way higher at 1 week. They only offer one size (5×7) and have one integration (Shopify). Review: Pricing

10 card free trial, no credit card required.

FREE: 99c /card/ No monthly fee/Postage included/ $1.59 for 6×9/ 10 FREE 4×6 cards

WHOLESALE: 49c /card, $49 monthly fee, Postage included, 89c for 6×9, Save $$$$ if sending more than 100 cards/mo, 100 FREE 4×6 cards (once at signup)

INTERNATIONAL: $1.19 /card, $1.19/card on wholesale, $1.99/card on free, Postage include, Send to any country, *Only 4×6 available.

In praise of handwritten notes

While saying ‘thank you’ is important, the beauty of a well-crafted handwritten note is that it can show a deeper investment and appreciation than  a simple thank you can” John Coleman, Harvard Business Review

“If you want to stand out, to be more polished, probably the easiest thing you  can do is write that thank-you note” Heather Wiese, Bell’Invito

Frequently Asked Questions About

Is safe?

The addresses are totally private, and secure. You can import existing lists too if you have any.

What is is an awesome brand who make it very easy to send computer generated handwritten postcards to anyone, anywhere in the world. 

What is a account? was created to help you show how much your customers mean to you by sending them a customized handwritten postcard. 

How much does cost?

They offer postcards starting at $0.99c, including postage. Or 49c with a paid account – $49/m.

Is Worth It?

Handwritten notes have an 80% open rate as opposed to around 19-20% email open rate. This massive difference alone should make you at least consider trying 

Handwritten notes allow businesses of all sizes to automatically scale their personal outreach through automating these handwritten notes. 

Add in the fact that 64% of Americans prefer handwritten notes over electronic communication. (2005 Greeting Card Association Study) and that 81% find handwritten notes more meaningful than emails or text messages, I’m sure you’re signing up now!

Handwritten notes illicit a response rates of 300% greater than traditional printed pieces and 30-50% more engagement.

What these stats show is the craving we have as humans to feel heard, understood and valued. Handwritten notes do this for businesses in a cost effective and scalable way. We would totally recommend trying it in your business.

Remember ‘people will forget what you did,  but they will never forget how you made them feel’ Maya Angelou. 

You can get 10 free postcards by clicking here.

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