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Themify Builder Review For 2020: Features, Pricing & Competitors

Themify review
Themify Builder review

The time may have come when you’re tired of your WordPress theme. Sick of so many sites looking the same. Everyone jumping on the bandwagon of a popular theme….. Maybe you fancy getting a little more creative. But your usual WordPress themes feel so restrictive. While standard themes enable you to get sites up and running quickly, there’s little flexibility in terms of layout. 

If you need more control over how your content is displayed, then it might be time to consider a WordPress page builder. 

So, while you might have the same theme as someone else, you can customize every part resulting in a unique site. 

There's also the additional benefit of not having to purchase a new theme when you need to change your site in the future. You can just move the content blocks around for a new look.

By the end of this Themify Builder review, you will know whether Themify Builder is the right WordPress page builder for you. Or whether Elementor, Beaver Builder or one of the other page builders is more suited to your needs.

Value for Money


Starting at $59 it’s a very affordable page builder for WordPress. The $89 plan includes 42 themes! 30 day money back guarantee.



The support offered in many cases is lacking and not thorough. They need to do better in this area for sure.

Ease of Use


The interface is quite crowded & icons are small. Should be more intuitive. There will probably be a bit of a learning curve, until you learn what can be put where.



Having both a front-end and back-end editor is great. You can chose the one which suits you best. The level of customizations available is impressive. 

We Like

We Don't Like

What Is Themify Builder?

Themify Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin for WordPress. It can be used to create any page or post layout, regardless of your current theme.

The drag-and-drop feature helps you create a more unique looking webpage. Simply drag content blocks around until you’re happy with how your page looks. Then you can customize each element further by  clicking on it.

You don’t need coding skills, but you can further customize elements if you know how to code. 

The plugin comes free with any of the themes purchased from Themify. If you already have a theme, you can also download the free version of the builder from the

Themify Builder Review: Features

Let’s talk about Themify Builder’s main features:

  • Drag & Drop Builder 
  • Custom CSS
  • Auto theme updates
  • Customizable website logo text, or upload your own logo
  • Custom styling
  • 100% responsive
  • Import/Export to easily transfer Pro themes & templates between sites
  • SEO optimized
  • Multisite support
  • Woocommerce
  • Global style
  • Themify comes with social icons 
  • WPML compatible for easy translations
  • Access to over 600 Google fonts
  • Child theme
  • Builder Pro works with any WordPress theme with the Builder Plugin activated
  • Create a sticky header with the sticky scrolling 

Themify Builder Features: The Breakdown

Back end or Front end editing?

WordPress page builder plugins tend to be either back end and front end. Themify Builder allows you to switch between the back-end and front-end builders, so you can work in a way that's easier for you.

The front-end builder view shows you accurately what your page will look like. When you build pages in the back-end editor, you'll have to keep switching to the front to see what it looks like.

Pre-designed layouts

Choose one of over 40 pre-designed layouts that come with the Themify Builder plugin. You can simply import it, change the text, add your own images and you're good to go!

Responsive grids

If you want a grid to show up differently on a tablet or mobile, use the responsive grid feature. You can set the row grid to appear as a 4-column on desktop, a 2-column on tablet, and a 1-column on mobile. This makes sure that your pages are fully optimized for each device they are viewed on. So cool!

Multiple row and column layouts

This plugin makes use of the traditional row and column layout for building your layouts. You can create an unlimited number of rows on a page. Then populate each of them with different column layout combinations. You can also create nested rows if needed.

Styling panel

The Styling panel allows you control every aspect of your theme. From header styles, post title styles, background image styles, footer styles, and everything else.


Includes lots of shortcodes, which allow you to easily insert content, like a Twitter feed, without having to add code.

Reusable layout parts

These reusable layout parts can help you save time. You can easily display the same content on multiple pages. You just have to save that page element as a layout part, then insert it anywhere on your site using a  Layout Part module or shortcode.


These widgets are flexible and functional. They make it easy to display various content types on your website. 

Animation effects

Customization isn’t limited to changing the colors and fonts. Included are over 60 animation effects, such as  zoom in, flash and bounce.

A library of content modules

The layouts can filled with the page elements or modules like these:

  • Posts (single or list)
  • Video
  • Text
  • Widgetized sidebar
  • Widgets (including any third party widgets active on your site)
  • Sliders (content, image, text, and video)
  • Posts (single or list)
  • Menus
  • Gallery
  • Calls to actions
  • Layout parts
  • Image

You can customize each module to change the appearance and how they function. You could also purchase the Builder Addons for even more options.

Extensive customization options

Rows, columns, and modules can all be independently customized. Every aspect of their appearance can be adjusted. You can duplicate a row's contents and add it elsewhere on the page. If you need more customization you can add your own CSS.


Themify Builder has lots of useful features for creating customized page layouts. 

Is Themify Builder Right For Me?

If you're experience in WordPress and have used a page builder before, you'll have less of a learning curve. If you require powerful customizations and aren't fussed about having a slick user interface, then it might be the page builder for you. 

The ability to switch back and forth between front-end and back-end editing may suit people using their own custom code. They can work on the code in the back-end. Then tweak the appearance in the front-end editor.

Themify Builder vs Competitors

Themify Builder vs Beaver Builder

Most comparisons have Beaver Builder coming out on top. They both have similar features. Themify is $10 cheaper than Beaver Builder, but Beaver Builder is better value for money as you can use it on multiple site. It’s also easier to use. Thinking of the number of sites you want to use it on. If you have more than one, then Beaver Builder becomes a stronger candidate.

Themify Builder vs Elementor

Elementor is more popular and has better styling options. Elementor is $49 and Themify is $89, they both charge an annual fee for the updated version. In most areas of comparison, pricing, features, usability,  Elementor comes out as the favorite.

Themify Builder Review: Pricing

You can get the Themify Builder totally free and use it as a page builder on almost all WordPress theme that offers a full-width page template. The Themify Builder is also included with every Themify theme.

You can purchase any Themify theme (which includes the builder and one year of support/updates) for $59 per year.

The Themify Builder Addons which include 25+ premium elements is $39.00, so it more economical to join the Masters Club.

The Themify Master Club costs $89.00 per year and includes access to:

  • Themify’s 42 premium themes
  • 12+ Themify plugins
  • Use the themes on unlimited sites
  • 25+ Themify Builder Addons
  • Support

They also offer a Lifetime Club membership. Which includes everything in the Master Club for a one time fee  of $249.00.

Frequently Asked Questions About Themify Builder

Which WordPress Builder is the best?

On many comparisions Themify Builder is in the top 5 WordPress Page builders with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect and Divi.

To some degree the ‘best' is subjective and you should check out the features in our handy comparison to see which suits your needs the best.

Is Themify Ultra free?

The Themify Builder Plugin is included free when you purchase a Themify theme. You can also download the free version to use with a non-Themify theme. You can upgrade and join the Master Club to get access to 42 themes and additional tools.

What is Themify?

The Themify Builder is a WordPress page builder. You can use it to design any layout you want. It's quick and easy to use, as it has a drag and drop interface. Just drag the content blocks wherever you want them to be.

Is Themify Builder Worth It?

The Themify Builder does have some powerful features. Even the free version offers a decent level of features and if you're just looking to build a basic site you would be fine with the free version.

With Themify Builder you can create a really good looking site, without compromising SEO optimisation.

While I can see the benefits of using the Themify Builder and the potential that it offers people who can't code. I can only recommend it in isolation. By this I mean, if I think only about the Themify Builder it's pretty decent. However, when you compare it to Elementor, it definitely comes in second. 

The Themify developers seem only to focus on urgent bugs. Making no advances in improving the builder itself. 

Two of the main positives are that it doesn't add a heaps of code behind the scenes. So, when you remove the builder, your posts will be the only thing left behind. Also the ability to switch between front end and back end editing is cool. 

If Elementor didn't exist, then I would have no trouble in recommending Themify Builder. It has great customizations and lots of useful features. There's no doubt that with the Themify Builder you can create great looking sites. 

I hope this Themify Builder review has helped you to figure out which WordPress page builder would suit you best. If you want to check out Elementor, you can read our full review here.

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