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Peep this: Josh and I have traveled to over 13 countries together!

And while we looove wandering the globe, enjoying our time together, and working while in a new corner of the world, it wasn't always like that. 

In fact, for our first few trips together things got a liiiiiittle divorcey.

It wasn't until we learned how to deal with all the little things that can pop up when you're in a new country, that we really started enjoying traveling the world and building a business together.

Think working and traveling with your sweetie is all easy, breezy, and full of sexy moments?

Think again. And then click that green play button up there or download this episode on  iTunes or Stitcher and allow us to dish how we make it work for us.
And don’t forget to tune in for a new episode every Tuesday and Thursday at 7am EST!

Words of Wisdom in this Week's Episode:

  • Thinking back to our first trip together…
  • The “Wake Up & Break Up” routine we can't live without
  • How to keep your cool when shit is getting real
  • Why you will always lose if you fight to win
  • How wine, quiet time and a sexy sunset can ease all tensions
  • The power of walking and talking


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