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Have you ever experienced this before…

You have a wicked idea for a business that gets you all jazzed inside; so you start daydreaming about all the amazing things that you'll do when it works out.

Then a few minutes later you stop yourself before you even get started with thoughts like “…but what if it doesn't make money?”.

Or “I don't want to fail and look stupid!”.

I know I've done it.

I think we all have!

After all, it sucks to invest your time, energy, and money into something when it doesn't work out.

Well, what if I told you there is a way to validate your idea before you even get started?

A money test, if you will.

Would you not want to run that money test each and every damn time you had an idea?

Ummm yes!

Who wouldn't?

Well that's EXACTLY what we're talkin' about today.

In fact, we're not just talking about one money test, we're going to be breaking down FOUR money tests!

Yeah. Four!

Ready to stop wondering and hmmm'ing and haww'ing on whether you should give that idea a try or not?

You know what to do.

*Hint: It's clicking the play button*

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Words of Wisdom in this week's episode

  • How to analyze your idea to make sure it will make money BEFORE you waste time and money on it
  • The 4 steps you need to take to validate your ideas
  • How to check search volume on Google to see if people are looking for your idea
  • The best way to use Facebook to see if people are interested in your idea
  • Why you need to be using Amazon Kindle to check if your ideas are profitable
  • How to use online courses to see who is buying what now
  • Leveraging the power of popularity



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