Write For Us And Get More Eyeballs On Your Business!

Write For Us And Get More Eyeballs On Your Business!

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First things first, we're beyond thrilled you're here on this page and one step closer to sharing your expertise with the Screw The Nine To Five audience (otherwise known as the Scroupies)!

By writing for The Screw, you not only get to share your wisdom, but you'll also play a big part in helping us turn this site into a destination for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to get the info + inspo they need to get their businesses off the ground and profitable!

We're hell-bent on creating a solid relationship with our guest contributors and creating the best content possible which is why our editorial team will work with you to polish your writing and sharpen your message.

We work with writers across the globe of every color, creed, orientation, tradition, and background and we can't wait to see what you have to share with our audience. 

Some Guidelines

Entrepreneurship is our beat.

We cover all strategies related to marketing including: social media, paid traffic, search engine optimization, podcasting, video marketing, visibility + publicity and messenger bots.

In case that's not enough, we also cover affiliate marketing e-commerce, selling online courses, membership communities,  conversion rate optimization, website development and all things mindset (including money mindset).

Keep In Mind:

  • Write about what you know: Are you a business owner or a marketing specialist? We want to hear what you have to say about your area or expertise!
  • Be original: Posts must be unique to Screw The Nine To Five. Posts must not have been published elsewhere online (including your personal blog) or slated for distribution on other sites.
  • Source all claims: If you mention a statistic or a study in your piece, include a link to that source. Use links to peer-reviewed scientific papers, academic journals, and/or credible news outlets. Put relevant links in brackets: [https://www.screwtheninetofive.com]

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